Your journey starts here

You’ve been chosen to take the adventure of a lifetime.

Inventor and explorer Ulysses Wolfe, founder of Terracosm, has made the most incredible discovery: The universe we live in is one of a vast number of alternate universes that make up the Multiverse.

As Terracosm’s newest team member, Wolfe is taking you on his first mission to help explore the Multiverse and discover its awesome secrets. Get ready for excitement, adventure and danger as you set off where no human has gone before.

Are you game?


The universe needs your help

The iON probes Wolfe first sent into the Multiverse have gone missing. Even worse, some strange stuff is starting to happen here on Earth, which can mean only one thing: The Terraports Wolfe invented have somehow started to affect the laws of science as we know them, and unless you and the Terracosm team can find those iONs and bring them back safely, planet Earth could be in big trouble.



Terracosm is a mobile adventure game using Augmented and Virtual Reality, technologies that can both take you to unimaginable places and add layers of excitement and wonder to the world around you.

Using your smartphone or tablet, search the Science Center for Wolfe’s Terraports, each one adding a new twist to the story as it unfolds, launching you into deeper levels of the game. Filled with fun, excitement and with fundamental STEM concepts woven in, Terracosm is an adventure-filled thrill ride for kids of all ages.


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